Atlas Copco Diesel Air Compressor VT-4, VT-5, VT-6 & VT-250

VT-4 VT-5
VT-5 VT-6


  • Demolition work : Such as asphalt or cement road breaking with pneumatic breakers cfm90. (CP-117, CP-1230 & CP-1240)
  • Rock Drilling with 110 cfm. rock drills, using upto 8 ft. drill steels
  • Sand Blasting and Gynating Works
  • Compressed Air upto 335 cfm. at 100 psi for your rope and cable jobs of passing through HDFE pipes
  • Industrial purposes

Atlas Copco Diesel Screw Air Compressor XA 140


Compressors models XA140 – XA175 have been specially designed for heavy duty working environments such as the construction industry sandblasting, marble, granite, stone and quarries. They can assist in installing fibre optic cables, or be combined with combinations of pneumatic tools such as rock drills, brakes, to name a few. High altitudes and extremely

Atlas Copco Diesel Screw Air Compressor XAH 210


  • Quarry & Mining in combination with Wagon Drill
  • With Driptor for Grouting work
  • Oil & Gas Exploration work
  • Many more allied high pressure application

About Product

  • Quick responding stepless regulation system coupled with piston type air intake unloader valve achieve right engine speed for further fuel economy.
  • Advanced engineering, coupled with reliable and efficient screw compressor element ensure, lower fuel consumption and optimum operation economy.
  • Unique upward hot air flow to avoid mixing with intake air of compressor and engine. Closed door operation further helps this state of the art feature.
  • Ergonomically designed towing arrangement for minimum lifting efforts by the operator.
  • Centralised control panel giving access to easy operation and monitoring.
  • Efficient air / oil separation system resulting in minimum lub oil consumption.
Technical Details
Model Normal Effective working pressure Free air delivery Engine Type Length Width Height Weight Fuel Tank Capacity
  Bar(e) l/s Cummins mm mm mm Kgs. ltrs.
XA 210H 10.5 210 6 BTA 5.9 4064 2000 2085 2420 242

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