Chicago Pneumatic Diesel Screw Air Compressor CPS-250/CPS-325/CPS-450-150



Three of the original 100 psi and one of the 125 psi single-axle mounted compressors have been replaced by new CPS 250, CPS 325, CPS 400 and CPS 325-125 units. These lightweight, compact and rugged machines are designed with a simple controller and powered by a four-cylinder Ashok Leyland/W04D diesel engine to produce compressed air outputs of 250 cfm, 300 cfm, 380 cfm and 300 cfm-125 psi, respectively.The compressor element of these higher pressure machines, which operate between 100 and 200 psi, is directly and flexibly coupled with a state-of-the-art, water-cooled Ashok Leyland/AL 6DTi engine. Also new to the range is a CPS 450 compressor, together with two other new units, the CPS 425-125 and CPS 400-150.


  • Reliability, easy maintenance and flexibility are the main characteristics of CP compressors.
  • The range features robust designs, with powerful engines from well-known, well-respected brands, tough and sound-proof canopy.
  • They are easy to move and therefore ideally suited for construction & mining sites. Ideal for rugged applications, CP Portable compressors are the best partners for your pneumatic tools such as Rock Drills, Demolition Tools, Chipping Hammers, Rampers / Tampers, Impact Wrenches, Grinding Tools & for Sand Blasting too.

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