CPS 130 E are innovative, oil injected Electric Portable Screw Compressor

This single axle compressor is powered by a three phase TEFC squirrel cage motor with class F insulation and are suitable for varied application in Mining & construction industries. These compressors can be used for operating different tools like Rock Drills, Demolition Tools, Chipping Hammers, Rammpers/Tampers. Impact Wrenches, Grinding Tools & for Sand Blasting too.

Features :

  • World Class Air End – Low rotor speed, few moving parts & efficient design of compressor minimizes wear & tear, ensuring reliability and long working life.
  • Clean Intake Air – The single high performance two-stage air intake filter prevents dust & dirt particles from entering the compressor & engine. A service indicator on the filter tells you that it needs maintenance & replacement.
  • Ease of Operation – All the controls are grouped on a single panel for east monitoring, safety and fool-proof operation.
  • Regulation – Load/Unload regulation of the compressor can be done between set pressure limits.
  • Starter Panel – Star Delta starter for efficient operation with arrangement for single phase prevention.
  • Service Valves – The compressor is provided with five service valves – four of 3/4″ and one of 1.1/2″.

Technical Specifications:

ModelMax. working pressureMotor ratingFree air deliveryWeight
Bar (g) HPkWcfmKg
CPS 130E7.560453001200
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