Presenting the efficient, electrically powered, non- polluting, eco friendly, portable, rugged & versatile screw air compressor you can depend on for a variety of applications

CHICAGO PNEUMATIC DIESEL SCREW AIR COMPRESSOR: CPS-250 / CPS-325-100 / CPS-325-125 / CPS-450-150 / CPS-500-175

Portable Diesel Driven Compressors

Size 1 Models
ModelCPS 250CPS 325CPS 325-125CPS 400CPS 450-200
Airflow (cfm)250300300380450
Working Pressure (bar) 779.6714
Max. Engine Speed (rpm) 22002600260026002200
Length (mm)31863186318631862808
Width (mm)17191719171917191641
Height (mm)17601760176017601563
Weight (Kg)15001500150015002200
Engine MakeAshok LeylandAshok LeylandAshok LeylandAshok LeylandAshok Leyland
Engine TypeW04 DW04 DW04 CTW04 CTAL 6DTi

Chicago Pneumatic Diesel Screw Air Compressor CPS-250/CPS-325/CPS-450-150

Three of the original 100 psi and one of the 125 psi single-axle mounted compressors have been replaced by new CPS 250, CPS 325, CPS 400 and CPS 325-125 units. These lightweight, compact and rugged machines are designed with a simple controller and powered by a four-cylinder Ashok Leyland/W04D diesel engine to produce compressed air outputs of 250 cfm, 300 cfm, 380 cfm and 300 cfm-125 psi, respectively.The compressor element of these higher pressure machines, which operate between 100 and 200 psi, is directly and flexibly coupled with a state-of-the-art, water-cooled Ashok Leyland/AL 6DTi engine. Also new to the range is a CPS 450 compressor, together with two other new units, the CPS 425-125 and CPS 400-150.


  • Reliability, easy maintenance and flexibility are the main characteristics of CP compressors.
  • The range features robust designs, with powerful engines from well-known, well-respected brands, tough and sound-proof canopy.
  • They are easy to move and therefore ideally suited for construction & mining sites. Ideal for rugged applications, CP Portable compressors are the best partners for your pneumatic tools such as Rock Drills, Demolition Tools, Chipping Hammers, Rampers / Tampers, Impact Wrenches, Grinding Tools & for Sand Blasting too.
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