• Designed for continuous duty
  • Deep finned cast iron cylinders, aluminium cooler tubes ensuring superior heat dissipation for higher operating efficiency
  • Aero dynamically designed fan with large blades for higher air flow.
  • Air receiver, conforming to ASME and Euro norms.
  • Compact – high pressure tank mounted 
  • Designed for continuous duty 
  • Air cooled after-cooler
  • No cooling water costs 
  • No additional installation
  • Technically oil & moisture free-package-built oil & moisture separator 
  • Easy installation and maintenance 

The three Cylinder, W Type, tank mounted, advanced design, high performing, high volume compressor from Elgi will meet your needs of continuous demand of compressed Air. It’s a new addition to Elgi’s wide range of air compressors with proven piston compressor Technology

ELGI Reciprocating Air Compressors are designed for optimum efficiency with minimum maintenance to meet the requirements of compressed air in industrial , shipping and naval applications.

The LG series 1-3 HP compressors are designed for continuous duty application. These single-stage single cylinder belt driven reciprocating air compressors are a reliable workhorse and provide an airflow range for 2-7 cfm.
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