Roteck Reciprocating Air Compressor

Reciprocating 2 To 25 HP

Two-Stage Medium Pressure
High technology industries demand higher quality air.To meet the exacting standards of industry,Roteck company has developed an outstanding range of DWT series oil free screw air compressor.The oil free screw air compressors are not only oil-free,but also oil=less as they contain no oil at all.Built with the care and attention to detail that sets all Dwt series oil free screw air compressors apart from the competition,all models are factory tested before shipment.

Two Stage Heavy Duty Industrial Air Compressor

ModalMotor HPNo.of CylindersPiston Displacement CfmMaximum Pressure breadcrumb psig kg/cm2gAir Reciever(Ltrs.)
RAC 3342/327.46/9.7917512.3150
RAC 3425217.3217512.3225
RAC 3537.5226.4017512.3225
RAC 6010237.817512.3300
RAC 7112.524617512.3300
RAC 1151535517512.3300
RAC 1152038117512.3500
RAC 1202038017512.3500
RAC 1252039917512.3500

Tank Mounted Screw Air Compressor

How can a compressed air system help you increase profitability? The answer is really pretty simple: by ensuring that you achieve the highest productivity in your shop while reducing the total cost of ownership to the absolute lowest levels.

Life Time Benefit
(Benefits are virtually endless)Plug-and-play simplicity–eliminates the leading causes of failure in air systems: incorrect sizing and installation Virtually no install costs–eliminates 80% of install time, material and costs. Integral packaging saves valuable floor space for other uses. Lifetime power savings through highly efficient components Increased productivity through better air quality-Eliminates water and corrosion resulting in extended tool and equipment life.

Roteck High Pressure Screw Air Compressor

ModelMax Working PressureF.A.DMotor PowerConnectionNet WeightDimension (L*W*H)
RA11 B-88116631511G1″4501410 x 850 x 1135
RA11 B-10 10145531515G1″4501410 x 850 x 1135
RA15 B-88116902018.5G1″5201410 x 850 x 1135
RA15 B-10 10145782018.5G1″5201410 x 850 x 1135
RA18.5 B-881161122522G1″5401410 x 850 x 1135
RA18.5 B-1010145962522G1″5401410 x 850 x 1135
RA22 B-881161323030G1″5601410 x 850 x 1135
RA22 B-10101451143030G1″5601410 x 850 x 1135
RA30 B-8 81161884030G1-1/2″6501530 x 930 x 1255
RA30 B-10101451684030G1-1/2″6501530 x 930 x 1255
RA37 B-8 81162285037G1-1/2″7401530 x 930 x 1255
RA37 B-10101452055037G1-1/2″7401530 x 930 x 1255
RA45 B-881162706045G1-1/2″8001530 x 930 x 1255
RA45 B-10101452486045G1-1/2″8001530 x 930 x 1255
RA55 B-8 81163637555G1-1/2″11801800 x 1125 x 1430
RA55 B-10101453267555G1-1/2″11801800 x 1125 x 1430
RA75 B-8811649010075G2″14702000 x 1300 x 1600
RA75 B-101014544010075G2″14702000 x 1300 x 1600
RA90 B-8811658212090G2″19502130 x 1400 x 1750
RA90 B-101014549212090G2″19502130 x 1400 x 1750
RA110 B-8 8116715150110DN6524502550 x 1550 x 1900
RA110 B-1010145647150110DN6524502550 x 1550 x 1900
RA132 B-881168601801322DN6525002550 x 1550 x 1900
RA132 B-10101457731801322DN6525002550 x 1550 x 1900
  • Compressor Stage : One Stage Compression
  • Standard Power Supply : 440V / 50 Hz / 3Ph
  • Exhaust Temperature : Ambient Temperature +150C
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